Speakers & Discussion: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome + Socket.io!

Organizer: Triangle Adult Junior Developers
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• What we'll do
Let's ring in 2018 with one of the most commonly discussed themes among new developers: Imposter Syndrome! Laurel and Kelly will talk about ways to embrace your confidence as a new developer (and how to stop apologizing for being green)! We'll follow up this tag-teamed presentation by learning all about Socket.io, a super fast method of creating bi-directional, real-time communication with code. Think: making a chat app with only a few lines of code! // Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Laurel FH & Kelly Miller

// Socket.iO: Michael Dinh

As usual, come prepared to be inspired and to meet other new developers just like you. And (for real this time!) FREE PIZZA. Can't wait!


Poster: triangletech