Nov/Dec meeting: David Dang - "Web Accessibility Testing 101"

Organizer: TISQA
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<a>Web Accessibility Testing 101</a>

Is your company ready to test its websites to make sure they are compliant and accessible for the disabled? It should be. Even though web accessibility regulations for the private sector are not in effect yet, proactive companies are getting ahead by addressing accessibility. As the private sector attempts to build accessible websites, QA teams are faced with implementing different strategies and methods for web accessibility testing. Be sure you are informed and prepared in the fundamental areas of web accessibility testing.

This presentation includes the following:

·  Web accessibility primer

·  WCAG 2.0 explained

·  Factors in building a solid web accessible site

·  Testing web accessibility

·  Tools for web accessibility testing

·  Finding more information

Biography, David Dang

David Dang, VP of Automated Solutions for Zenergy Technologies, has been a leading figure in the test automation industry for over eighteen years. At Zenergy, David spearheads test automation by developing advanced frameworks that emphasize reusability and reduce maintenance efforts. With his foundation in software development, David can quickly grasp complex IT architectures, critical business functions, and processes as well as cultural dynamics to provide customized automation solutions that provide significant savings for Zenergy’s clients. He is in high-demand as a conference speaker and keynote presenter.


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