December ▽ C++ Dinner at Trali Irish Pub in Morrisville!

Organizer: Triangle C++ Developers Group
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The Triangle C++ Developers Group December dinner meetup will take place at Trali Irish Pub in Morrisville:

make GoodCompanyAndConversation

If you want to experience some delicious Irish food, this is the place. And, it nicely located in the heart of the Triangle. This is a pay-for-your-grub event.

We'll meet at 6PM on Wednesday, December 6th and just jam on C++. No presentation or agenda or anything like that. I would emphasize as strongly as possible, if you haven't been able to make it to a talk yet but a dinner fits your schedule, please come!! Part of the whole rationale for this is to reach a broader group of C++ Devs. And if you are a Meetup 'regular' and this fits your schedule--please come. The ideal crowd will have first-timers, regulars, and everyone in between.


Poster: triangletech