December Meeting. Your favorite forge modules.

Organizer: Raleigh Puppet User Group
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Hi everyone! We are happy to invite you to the December meeting, at Red Hat Annex downtown in Raleigh.

Do you have favorite puppet modules from the forge that you use? Are there any tools or guides that you use that others might not know about? If so please come with a list (of any size) of modules, or tips, and tricks, and we can share and discuss them.

Google Maps link entrance to the Red Hat Annex and a Street View of the entrance to the Annex:

Tentative Schedule

6:30pm: Arrive, socialize, Snacks & drinks, Pizza and Beer
7:00pm: Introductions, news & announcements
7:15pm: Discussion

We understand it might be difficult to get to downtown Raleigh due to traffic or other commitments, so we soft-start at 6:30pm then really begin at 7pm.

Please RSVP since you will have to sign-in as a visitor and also so that we can target the right amount of food and drink.

Parking at The Red Hat Tower parking deck:
The actual name is the City Center Deck and the street address is
429 S. Wilmington Street, Raleigh, NC 27601
You may choose to park here, but be aware Red Hat does not manage this deck. It is a City of Raleigh public parking deck and they can ticket and tow.

Please note that the parking deck has two entrances. The Wilmington Street entrance is closer to the building, however this entrance is most easily accessed by those arriving from the south. The S Blount Street entrance is part of an attached deck and is most easily accessed by those arriving from the north.

This Puppet User group adheres to the following Code of Conduct.


Poster: triangletech