Triangle Drupal meetup - Practical Docker

Organizer: Triangle Drupal Users' Group
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This meetup will be presented by Will McCreery of Duke Web Services

What is Docker? Why is it important? By the power of DOCKER, one simple YAML file can ensure that your local server, workflow and dependencies travel WITH the project wherever it goes.

In this session I'll cover what Docker is, and why you should use it over alternatives like DrupalVM or MAMP. I'll also go over some basics so you can get started right away. We'll go over containers, volume binding, and managing configuration with a DOCKER compose file. We'll also highlight some open source projects to help simplify your experience using Docker.

If you've ever asked yourself any of the following questions, this session is for you!

Have you ever pulled down an old project, and had difficulty doing basic things with your old workflow (Grunt, Gulp, drush, PHP errors, etc)?

Have you ever wanted to pass a project to another developer without worrying about THEIR local environment/setup?

Do you want to trade in your old Linux laptop for a shiny new Windows/Mac, but you're worried about getting your local environment up to speed?

This is going to be a good one so don't miss it. It's the week AFTER Thanksgiving. As usual, we'll have pizza and a bit of social time up front.


Poster: triangletech