An Agile Heretic's Story

Organizer: Agile Bull City
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What happens when an Agile purist in software development is asked to replicate success in a Construction Project Management environment? 

Arjay Hinek will share anecdotes, methods, and lessons learned while intentionally breaking Agile "Rules" to apply Agile in the construction project management space. The idea of "Principles over Practice" takes on tremendous significance when you are asked to apply Agile outside of software. 

Arjay aims to provide ideas on how to apply Agile outside of software, warn of traps that can befall that effort and most importantly, prove that you will NOT become one of Voldemort's Death Eaters if you bend or experiment with the Agile framework. His experience will solidify your appreciation for the principles themselves.

About Arjay:

Arjay Hinek has been in Project Management and software development since 1998. Over the last 10 years, he found himself becoming increasingly surrounded by people using "Agile" terminology but not really being Agile. Since 2011, he has helped multiple teams understand Kanban and Scrum appropriately, coached struggling teams and Product Owners, and served as a Scrum Master for individual teams as well as for large scale multi-team projects.  Arjay has spoken at multiple regional conferences and given  Agile workshops on User Story Writing, Kanban, Metaphors for Coaching, “Decision Making For The Product Owner,” and even  “Agile for the laymen.” As a CSP, Arjay is always looking for ways to help teams learn as they improve.  He comments on those and other Agile efforts in his blog, "So Agile It Hurts Sometimes"


Poster: triangletech