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Hi all,

If nobody had anything important he or she is (just) dying to talk about, I can talk about the ‘DonkeyCar’ ( thingy this Thursday (Sep. 14). With around ~$250  now spent on the hardware, I suppose I should do something interesting with it anyways…

On the agenda is to talk a little about the car’s physical hardware, and the process of installing the software. Looked at the code-base this morning, and I’m slowly familiarizing with it. I have a small idea of what I immediately want to do with it (i.e. after I get it actually drive autonomously), but that can wait. If we have time, we can do a small demo drive/train.  I haven’t yet trained it, but driving that thing in a small track is quite freakishly hard, actually.

Hope to see you all there!


Poster: triangletech