Get a Jump-Start on ReactJS

Organizer: Triangle .NET User Group
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Are you a back-end developer with some basic HTML knowledge, interested in translating your skills to ReactJS? If you nodded your head, this session is for you, a developer who wants to learn some ReactJS concepts and jump into front-end development.

If you're an experienced front-end developer who doesn't know ReactJS, this is your chance!

We'll have a few but fun slides. And learn thru a practical example with lots of live coding. What can go wrong? :)

We'll stretch our legs by creating a simple ASP.NET Core Web API. Next, we'll review ReactJS concepts such as JSX, components, and some ReactJS events (e.g. when should you call your API?). Then, write our front-end app to consume our API.

Also, I'll share some awesome resources that I have collected on my Jump-Start on ReactJS. If time permits, we'll look at my first attempt at creating a fun ReactJS app. Join me and let's laugh at that noobsauce together.

Walk away with enough knowledge and, most importantly, confidence to help you on your ReactJS adventure!

Bio: Jose Gonzalez is a husband, dad, blogger, runner and sometimes a developer. Although most of his career has been on the back-end using .NET, he has a love/hate relationship with the frontend. He's an avid for clean and readable code no matter the language. He is a curious fellow who loves dabbling around. His current menu is: ReactJS/JavaScript, Functional Programming, F# to name a few.

He is a recovering extrovert who thought was an introvert for over 20 years.

He enjoys meeting and engaging with other fellow developers across the world. He shares his ideas on his blog: and on twitter @josegonz321

On his free time, he tries to play video games but usually falls asleep. His wife and two boys take the best out him.


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