Buy vs Build - Development Lunch & Discussion

Organizer: Raleigh Dev Lunch
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For this talk, Dan Moore from Vaporware is going to talk about Buy vs. Build. With a development team on staff, when should you buy a product off the shelf and when should you build a solution? What are the trade offs? How do you talk to management about them?

Continuing with our new format, we're going to move to a small talk followed by an open discussion. These are light and easy talks for presenters. If you're interested in leading the discussion one week, please let us know. Here are some great recent topics:

Here's a bug I found this week and here's a thing that would have prevented it from happening. Here's some really horrible code I found in my project (or that I wrote!), let's talk about how to maybe refactor it Here's a new pattern I'm interested in, let's talk about where it makes sense and where it doesn't.


Poster: triangletech