Please join us for our first Triangle Cyber Security Meetup!

Organizer: Triangle Cyber Security
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The Goal, along with ImagineX will be hosting the first ever Triangle Cyber Security Meetup: Can Cybersecurity Stop The Borg?

During this forum we’ll discuss examples of AI and ML which are impacting organizations today (positively and negatively). Educating employees to not write passwords down on sticky notes will be a constant, mundane task for Cybersecurity organizations. However, on the other end of the spectrum; AI and machine learning (ML) are evolving quickly in the hands of organized criminal groups in order to penetrate and subvert companies, large and small. 

Cybersecurity of the (near) future is a battle between your organizational processes/systems vs. The Borg.

Is resistance futile?

Speaker: Byron Gregg, Technology and Change Leader from Fidelity

• There will be pizza and BEER! 

• 45 minutes to 1 hour for networking

• Event speaker will start discussion around 6:15pm

• Session should conclude around 7pm


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