TriPython September 2017 Meeting: PyParsing

Organizer: Triangle Python Users Group (formerly TriZPUG)
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"How to process text if you hate regular expressions."<a href=""> Brian Fannin will speak and describes his talk as, "Like any person of sound mind, I hate using regular expressions. While writing an expression parser, I discovered the PyParsing library and was immediately in love. I'll walk through some examples of how you can use PyParsing to tame your text data. You may never use regex again!"

Brian is the founder and captain of PirateGrunt LLC, a predictive modeling, training and software consultancy with a focus on the insurance industry. He has been an actuary for over twenty years and has worked in a number of roles all over the world. He loves data, data visualization, data architecture, data munging, data modeling, data analysis, data and also data.

Extemporaneous "lightning talks" of 5-10 minute duration are also welcome and don't need to be pre-announced.

Park in the municipal deck on the other side of the Arts Council across W. Morgan St. The meeting will be followed by our usual after-meeting at a nearby tavern for food and beverage. Come join us for a fun and informative evening.


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