AMA : RxJS, Polymer, Vue, Angular, Node, Ember, & React - JS.Interactive Online

Organizer: Modern Web (Triangle)
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This is an interactive event where anyone can ask questions and get answers about core frameworks/libraries. You will be hearing from lead contributors 

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Featuring RxJS, Polymer, Vue, Angular, Node, Ember & React

Featured Panelists & Topics

RxJS - Ben Lesh, Author RxJS 5+, RxJS project lead

Polymer - Fred Schott, Polymer core team

Vue - Evan You, creator Vue.js

Angular - Igor Minar, Angular core team

Node - Michael Dawson, Collaborator and CTC member of Node.js 

Ember - Ricardo Mendes, Ember Core Team

React - Sebastian Markbage, React core team

The event will be livestreamed via YouTube so tune in with your team Thursday Morning!


Poster: triangletech