Potluck & Game Night

Organizer: RTP Nerd Herd
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Bring Some Food, Eat some food, Play some Games. DON'T EAT THE GAMES Please Remember to check the comments and sign up for Food. This is the amazing potluck game night hosted by the Majeska House. Feel free to come for the casual or the daring intense games. House Games: • Dominion (Vanilla + Intrigue) • Forbidden Island • Munchkin (Vanilla+adds + Bites + Fu) • Sequence • Chess • Poker • Dixit (A Fan Favorite) • Last Word • Catan (5-6 player) • Clue • Monopoly • Killer Bunnies • Taboo • 7 Wonders • Small World • Pandemic • Carcassonne • Battleship • Or Bring Your Favorites!!!! Come daring and adventurous and willing to have a good time!! Show off how much fun you're having beating the pants off the other guy/girl/tribble!


Poster: triangletech