Full Body Musical Experience and Meetup After

Organizer: Consciousness Hacking Raleigh-Durham
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An interesting experience awaits us and afterward, we can go meet for coffee to discuss.  Based on the number of attendees we can determine where to go. 

Bob Sima will be presenting an event at the Triangle Center for Spiritual Living. Please buy your tickets through the link below:

From the Center's website --

Our bodies fluctuate between balance and imbalance multiple times throughout the day. Imbalance can be identified on many levels – physical, emotional, mental, dietary, intellectual, spiritual, etc – and can flow through multiple levels at any given moment. Since an imbalance does not always present in physical form (eg aches and pains) within our body, detection must be felt through our internal energy system. How can we reach the obvious and unseen energies within us?The Full Body Musical Experience is an intentional chakra balance. It reaches the space where the divine and the human intersect, where the physical meets the non-physical, where the body-mind-spirit merge. It is a uniquely personal journey for insights, heightened levels of awareness, epiphanies, deep relaxation, transformations, and inner peace.

The Full Body Musical Experience is a 3-4 hour session where the intention is set to go on a deeply personal journey. It is a multi-dimensional experience of discussion, guided meditation, live music, conscious breathwork, sound, and light. Each of the 7 major chakra centers is intentionally awakened during this beautiful inward journey.

Bob Sima is an award-winning singer- songwriter and creator of Practical Breathwork which bridges mystical teachings of ancient pranayama and meditation with modern day practices to guide clients to build a breathwork practice which results in optimal health, balanced emotions, and renewed spirit.For more information, visit Bob’s website here: www.bobsima.com

DATE: Sunday, August 27thTIME: 1:00-4:00pm

COST: $30 for advance purchases* / $40 at the door

*For advance ticket purchases, go to: Brown Paper Tickets


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