Terry Mahaffey (Microsoft) on Helping the Compiler

Organizer: Triangle C++ Developers Group
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You've always heard you should never be too clever in an attempt to help the compiler, right? Well join us to hear a presentation from Terry Mahaffey (Microsoft), a backend compiler developer working on the Visual C++ Compiler, about ways you can help the compiler - from how to write loops to more easily be vectorized, to a few obscure but helpful compiler switches to squeeze extra performance out of the generated code, to ways to provide profile data to the compiler in order for it to do a better job.

Doors open at 6:00PM, the talk starts at 6:30, followed by socializing until 8-8:30PM. Pizza and beer/soda will be provided by Align Technology. Thanks also to our community sponsor, CppCon. See you there!


Poster: triangletech