Introduction to NodeJS and Express

Organizer: Free Code Camp Raleigh
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This meet up will be a will be an entry level, interactive, code-along discussion of NodeJS and ExpressJS. We will write code together and learn some basics of this game changing server side technology!

This is a completely free event, and it is open to all ages, sexes, and backgrounds! (we might even give you some coffee!)

We will attempt to cater to the level of the attendees with the depth and breadth of what we will cover, so please, answer the question when you sign up to attend and let us know what you hope to get out of it!

At a minimum, this class will cover 

• What is Node.Js and what makes it cool and super hot right now. 

• Brief review client server architecture. 

• What is Express, and a little peek under the hood. 

• creating a server 

• the request and response objects

• Understanding middleware

• Essential middleware

• Routing with express and http basics

• Serving JSON and what is JSON

• Serving a static webpage

• Possibly much more or less depending on attendee feedback. Please let us know if you want more. Further topics could include, templating engines, API design, or connecting a DB. 

Thanks a ton to The Nest for hosting us!

Can't wait to see you all there! 


Poster: triangletech