Agile Coaches Breakfast - Wed, Sept 6

Organizer: Agile Leadership Network - Raleigh/Durham Area Chapter
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Hello Everyone!

We're inviting all Coaches, Scrum Masters and other Agilists to come and meet together for breakfast. Our goal is to help teams, organizations and ourselves to think and behave in Agile ways. 

This month, we'll focus on rounding out our coaching tool belts with a list of 10 questions that can work in any setting. We'll discuss this list and a pair of accelerants that can make coaching conversations more productive. 

Please bring a "real only the names have been changed" scenario/issue to work on and your fellow attendee coaches will get the one on one coaching help you crave. We've done this with this group in the past and many have said they were surprised by how much a 7-10 min coaching session helped.

If you don't have a real issue to work on, congratulations! Maybe talk to a friend or coworker and bring an "I'm asking for a friend" topic. As we all know, the real learning comes from real life (and from struggling a bit). Our group is a "safe place" and "learning in your discomfort zone" is encouraged. 

As always, your thoughtful RSVP is always very much appreciated. If you've said "yes" to the last two meetups but haven't attended, please think twice before you click this time. 

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Art Pittman 
and the ALN Volunteers


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