Organizer: Splat Space - Durham's Hackerspace
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Join us each third Saturday as we collaborate to improve our shared space, which we use to meet, learn, and create together.

The essence of hacking is 1) studying something to improve understanding of it, and 2) modifying something to make it work better for you. HackUrSpace is applying that hacker mentality to your hackerspace itself.  

You've blinked an LED. You've cross-cut, ripped and drilled wood, you've milled, lathed, welded, and soldered metals, you've re-structured code into a module so well-factored it's sublime. You've improved or otherwise modified every object you own. And the condition of the space shows it all. Apply those skills to the space itself. 

The objects and physical space around us can influence our thinking processes, moods and behaviors.  Alter the aesthetics for a more attractive atmosphere. Structure a soldering station for satisfying circuitry study. Compel your co-hackers with your cognition-controlling cabinetry to put the pliers away, pretty please! Or maybe you just like to sweep the acrylic bits and vinyl scraps off the floor because it helps you be centered better than sand-raking your zen garden.


Poster: triangletech