We Tried Scaling and It Didn't Work

Organizer: Agile RTP (ARTp)
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Session Title: We Tried Scaling and it Didn't Work

Session Description : There have been many failed attempts to implement scrum by changing the foundations of Scrum before trying and understanding how the system fits together, inspiring the Ron Jeffries paper "We tried Baseball and it didn't work". As scaling frameworks such as SAFe, Spotify and LeSS emerge the pattern of changing the framework before experiencing the key elements of the frameworks. This session explores what scaling agile means and what the key elements are for scaling deeper using DAD, wider using Open Space Agility, and higher using SAFe.

Speaker Bio: Bob Cameron converted in 2008 from leading CMMI level 3 teams to scrum teams. In 2010 he founded an agile coaching company called Cameron Technology Solutions to help teams migrate from where they are (not necessarily waterfall) to Scrum. While serving at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina on a contract in 2013, he became part of a SAFe transformation and an SPC. Since then he has developed and taught SAFe training materials at Southwest Airlines, taught and lead 14 program increments at Old Dominion Freight Line. He has picked up certificates in DAD and Open Space Agility integrating them into SAFe implementations after establishing the base framework and presenting these ideas at AgileDC and TriaAgile 2016 in the presentation: "Agile Relese Planning: Building on SAFe and OST", and has presented "Scaling Open Space Agility LeSS SAFe DAD" to the Agile Triad meetup.

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