Adaptive Query Processing with Azure SQL DB and SQL Server 2017

Organizer: Triangle SQL Server User Group
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Microsoft is introducing a new family of adaptive query processing improvements that will enhance the performance of workloads that have historically been difficult to tune through classic methodologies. In this session we will cover three of the new improvements, including interleaved execution for multi-statement table valued functions, batch-mode execution adaptive joins, and batch-mode memory grant feedback. We'll cover how you can determine if your workloads will benefit from these improvements and discuss how these features fit into your existing SQL Server performance tuning and troubleshooting strategy. 

Because this is a brand new topic area, the coverage will range from 200 – 400 level. 

Technical assumptions: 

Basic familiarity with execution plan fundamentals, including join algorithm types, memory grants, and cardinality estimation.

Basic familiarity of batch execution mode vs. row mode.

Joe Sack is a Principal Program Manager in the SQL Server product team at Microsoft, with a focus on query processing. With 20 years of experience in the industry, Joe is an author and speaker,specializing in performance tuning, high availability and disaster recovery.


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