Analyzing Advanced Web App Attacks

Organizer: OWASP Triangle Chapter
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Jon Creekmore is our speaker for this month, and will share about analyzing advanced web app attacks.

We'll continue our back to basics series covering OWASP Top 10 A6 - Sensitive Data Exposure.

iContact is providing our meeting space, which we greatly appreciate.

The meetings food is being provided primarily with funds donated by HPE / Fortify. We thank them for their support of OWASP's mission to increase software security awareness and effectiveness, and hope you will let them know you appreciate it in any future interactions you have with them.

Title: Analyzing Advanced Web App Attacks

This presentation will cover how advanced offensive campaigns leverage exploitation of web applications to carry-out their hostile actions and intelligence operations on victim networks. Though we all know the Top 10, better understanding how these exploits are used in information warfare and in collaboration with the big picture, can better help stop web apps from aiding the bad guys. From obfuscation, denial, deception, cyber counter-intelligence and more, the next evolution of web app security will heavily be determined by the advanced attack methodologies being developed today. Attendees do not need to bring a laptop, but exercise files will be given out as well as additional resources to discover more and to better find and stop evil.


Poster: triangletech