Distributed Code Sharing w Node.js & Atom + RxJS in Angular1x + Angular Material

Organizer: Triangle JavaScript
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We are partnering with the Triangle Node meetup, Triangle Modern Web, TriAngular.js and GDG Triangle for this event.

Distributed Code Sharing Using Node.js and Atom

Dan Seethaler - JavaScript Engineer at Convina

Brief - In this presentation I'll show you how we use Node.js, Atom, and Chrome to distribute our code base to our dev team. These tools allow us to do cool things like hot-reload our React apps, map backend errors directly to the files in our local editor, and send real-time code updates to other devs (think google docs).


Practical RxJS and Angular JS 1.x

David Rogers - Senior Frontend Developer at Pendo.io

Brief - Do you struggle with applying RxJS to your projects at work, based solely on the canonical examples included in the documentation? Maybe, like Pendo, you haven't made the jump from Angular JS 1.x in your code base yet but would still like to make use of Observables and Subjects inside of plain ES6 services to ease the transition... or just solve some of the communication problems inherent in the framework. Would you just like some more concrete examples of how Observables can be used in real life development? If so, this talk is for you.

David Rogers will present two specific usage patterns we have employed using RxJS and Angular JS that allow us to dynamically update our UI based on continuous user input, along with some of the challenges and gotchas that we've encountered along the way. David will rely on working code samples in CodePen.ioextracted from the main Pendo application and visualizations from RxMarbles.com


Using Angular Material2

Tracy Lee - Google Developer Expert, Angular

Brief - We'll go over the various components of Angular Material, get familiar with the various components, walk through how to use them in your app, and a few tips and tricks to getting started.



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