TI LaunchPad with BLE

Organizer: Hackster IoT Meetup - Raleigh
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Building your own Internet of Things (IoT) device can be easy with the SimpleLink MSP432 LaunchPad evaluation kit coupled with the SimpleLink CC2650 BoosterPack.

Use easy to learn, Energia<a>,</a> an Arduino style programming method, along with Evothings, a service for building a phone based dashboard, to quickly connect your hardware to your smartphone or tablet. Also introducing Temboo, a cloud-based code generation platform, to quickly connect your hardware to the internet. In this workshop, students and instructors will have fun using the new Sensors BoosterPack or Educational BoosterPack to get some data from the real world. 

Participants will need to bring a laptop loaded with the Energia software and an Evothings, Temboo, and Hackster account.

1. Download and install the latest version of Energia from http://energia.nu/download/

Please note, depending on your OS you may need to install the drivers. In Windows, Energia must be installed to a path without spaces in order to function properly.

2. Create a myTI account at <a>http://my.ti.com</a>;

<a>3.</a> Create an account on https://www.hackster.io


Mark Easley is a marketing manager for the Texas Instruments University Program. He has over five years of experience in microcontroller and low power embedded system development with a focus on Internet of Things.


Poster: triangletech