Design for Success with React and Storybooks - Chris Saylor

Organizer: TrianglePHP
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Too often developers are not involved with front end design discussions and end up struggling to get a sketch design to fit into a website. Many of these tools do not offer good ways of communicating animations or different states of the various components and in the end, there still has to be a translation into something that is functional.

This talk aims to change that. We will be looking at <a>Storybook</a> as a tool that facilitates developers and designers working hand-in-hand to codify designs in React components. We will also cover some strategies of React component building that enabled taking advantage of tools like Storybook.

Chris Saylor is a lead engineer at Zumba Fitness who is heavily involved in product development covering design, engineering, and operations.


6-7pm:  Networking

7pm - 7:15pm:  Have-a-job Need-a-job, What's new in PHP

7:15pm - 8pm:  Presentation

8pm:  Q&A  & Networking


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