Blockchain Security & Architecture Meetup Series

Organizer: Durham Blockchain Security & Architecture Meetup
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First in the series of Blockchain security and architecture meetup groups to enhance learning and sharing.

Ricardo Diaz will kick this event with a Blockchain Session 1 with subsequent events focusing on more advanced topics

Introductions (5 mins)
-Tell us about yourself
-What do you want to get out of this

Kickoff (10 mins)
-Target Audience
-Security & Architecture discussion topics

Main Content (30 mins)
-What is cryptocurrency, blockchain and DLT
-Private vs Public Chains
-Centralized vs Decentralized
-What is the value of blockchain & DLT
-Key Industries being impacted
-Discussion topics
-Stable coins (Libra, JPMC), Bank tokens

Q&A (15 mins)

- Answer questions and earn swag
- Enter Raffle to win a Nano Ledger

Speaker Info:
Ricardo G. Diaz, Cyber Security & Applied Cryptography Architect
Certified HIPPA Security Professional

For over 20 years Ricardo has worked primarily as a cyber security professional in various roles. Architect, Engineer, Consultant, Business Development, Sales and Product Marketing.
For 13 years Ricardo worked for Oracle. Ricardo lead global product marketing and business development for Oracle's security business (on-premise & cloud). His team was also responsible for leading all new Cloud Security go to market programs and launch activities for Oracle’s new Identity Cloud Services. Prior to Oracle, Ricardo served as VP of engineering, security technology architect and security consultant at several startups, large enterprises and five years as a security consulting business owner.
Today, Ricardo is intensively involved in the Blockchain paradigm shift affecting all industries, is the Founder & Applied Cryptography Consultant of a Security and Distributed Ledger Technology startup called Blockchain CLT. Human Rights Advocate, Social Impact entrepreneur and key leader of Charlotte’s DLT community. He can be found monthly at Blockchain LKN Labs researching and developing distributed ledger technology solutions as well as training and educating groups across the Carolinas


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