4 Quadrants of Agile Metrics - A balanced approach to measuring agile success

Organizer: TISQA
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Metrics presentations have been a staple of software conferences for years. But, why are they so popular? Businesses rely on data to make decisions and metrics allow them to roll up data into bite-sized morsels of deliciousness for managerial consumption. The key however, is identifying which sets of metrics 1) give a valid picture of what’s happening in the organization and 2) provide enough information for teams and leaders to act upon.

In this presentation, Shaun Bradshaw, once referred to as the Minister of Metrics, discusses four sets of “healthy” agile metrics, which when applied in a balanced manner, can give significant insights into an organization’s place along the agile transformation continuum. Implementing these metrics will also assist organizations in honing in on areas that are working well or need improvement to take them to the next level.

Shaun Bradshaw is a cofounder and principal of Zenergy Technologies, a software delivery solutions firm with multiple industry experts under one roof and a large testing facility in North Carolina. With more than twenty years in the IT industry, Shaun is a recognized expert, coach, and thought leader in QA and test process improvement, agile testing, test management, and metrics. Shaun has architected the test strategy and managed large teams of testers for numerous projects, including a multi-year ERP implementation that went into production with no major issues. More recently, Shaun has spent a majority of his consulting time assisting organizations through their agile transformations, coaching leaders, managers, and teams to ensure they make the shift not just into agile practices, but agile thinking and behaviors.


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