Node User Feedback Session & What's new in node 12

Organizer: Triangle Node.js
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This month's Triangle Node event is a Node.js Community Feedback session and a rundown of what's new in node 12.

Doors open at 6:00pm and our event will run until about 7:30pm where anyone who's interested in continuing discussions can head to a local restaurant for drinks or food.

* What's new in node 12?
Jarrod will run through new features, flags, and changes with the latest node.js major release.

* Node.js community feedback
The node.js feedback initiative gives regional meetups the opportunity to voice and deliver feedback back to node core. Three primary questions will drive discussion but any topic is fair game:

- What’s your upgrade cycle?
- Have you not upgraded due to package dependencies?
- Are you having any problems upgrading Node itself?


Poster: triangletech