XE Deep Dive by Jason Brimhall

Organizer: Triangle SQL Server User Group
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This session on Extended Events will help prepare you to put this tool to immediate use as you walk back to your daily duties. Wait, scratch that! This is not your everyday session about Extended Events and how to put them to use. Most of the information in this session will be less than helpful in your attempts to use XEvents to efficiently monitor your systems.

If this session is not about using the tool to help trace and monitor your systems, then why attend? Excellent question! This session is a how-to deep dive into SQL Server through the use of Extended Events. It's time to get geeky and learn more about SQL Server from this very handy little tool. Will you be able to use this knowledge about SQL Servers internals? Absolutely! We just won't be focusing on the basics of XEvents nor the proper setup of an XEvent Session.

You will be exposed to advanced troubleshooting techniques as we work through complexities of SQL Server that are made more transparent through the use of XE. Take advantage of this opportunity to dive into the world of Extended Events and learn how you can make the best use of this tool in your SQL 2008+ environment.

Jason Brimhall has more than 10 years of experience and has worked with SQL Server 6.5 through SQL vNext. He has experience in performance tuning, high transaction environments, and large environments. He is currently a consultant specializing in performance tuning, server analysis, and problem resolution. Jason is a Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) and MVP for SQL Server.


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