Agile Coaches Breakfast, Fri, July 12

Organizer: Agile Leadership Network - Raleigh/Durham Area Chapter
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Hello Everyone!

Happy July and happy 4th o' July week! It is time once again for the Agile Coaches Breakfast except this time, it will be the 2nd Friday in July and not the 1st Friday. Officially we're inviting Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters and all Agilists to come and meet together for breakfast, to talk, and to share your experiences and ideas. Our goal is to help teams, organizations and ourselves to think, grow, and change.

This month, I'd thought we'd go into table coaching mode. Please bring an issue, a question(s), and/or team situation you'd like the group's help with. We'll talk about the top 2-4 topics, spend ~10 min on each with the outcome being you'll have 1-3 tangible and actionable steps you can take back at work with your team.

As there is time and because we're half way through the year, I'd like to do a quick retro on how these breakfasts have been going and if there's a change or two we should make for the last part of the year.

One quick work on RSVPs. I have limited the attendees to 32 as that is the size of the room. Please do not irritate your fellow breakfast goers by casually saying "Yes" and taking up a spot and then not showing up. Be kind.


The ALN Leadership Team,
Art Pittman


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