Lunch & Learn - Oh IoT Device, Where Art Thou?

Organizer: RIoT
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Discover why searching for IoT devices at the IP layer can only show so much. Learn about finding wireless devices by looking at the RF signal layer and above. Identify and categorize devices by doing (automated) protocol analysis.

Spanalytics will demonstrate a variety of methods and tools for device discovery from free to not free. Some current security tidbits will be discussed along with mitigations.

Join Mark Nichols, Owner of Spanalytics and Chair of the Bluetooth Security Experts Group, to learn about finding IoT devices, security, and the future of Wireless Intrusion Detection Systems in this session.

** Please note this Lunch & Learn will be held in the E-Clinic, on the 2nd floor of the 310 S. Harrington HQ Building.**


Poster: triangletech