First Demo Night

Organizer: Artists Who Code
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Are you ready to explore creative coding together? On this night we'll be doing 2 software demos followed by Q/A and discussions. In our introductory meetup, there seemed to be interest in both musical and visual software, so I figured we could arrange demos for one of each.

I (Stephen) will demo TidalCycles, a language for live coding patterns (most often used for sound-making): Because TidalCycles is tricky for beginner users to set up (and because it generates lots of noise!) I do not recommend following along with this demo on your own laptop. I am happy to provide support afterwards for folks who want to get started.

Ben Spalding will be giving a demo of p5.js (, a JavaScript library based on Processing. Ben will show people how to get started with the p5.js Web Editor and demonstrate how Processing can be used to create static, kinetic, and interactive art. Attendees are welcome to bring computers to follow along with the demonstration.

I will coordinate with the group to arrange another member to present a demo involving Processing or some other software aimed at creating images. Please reach out to me if you're interested in giving a demo and answer some questions! It's okay if you're not an expert, we will learn together.

6:30 - 7: Meetup, socialize, get comfy
7 - 7:45: Demo 1 (Stephen Lindberg / TidalCycles)
7:45 - 8:30: Demo 2 (Ben Spalding / p5.js)


Poster: triangletech