Our First Reverse Book Club

Organizer: Data Scientista Society
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Thanks to our friends at NCWiMLDS for explaining the concept of Reverse Book Club. At Reverse Book Club, each person will share about a non-fiction book she has read.

The Rules of Reverse Book Club
1. You know the first rule.
2. Yes, a non-fiction book. It doesn't have to be strictly relevant to our data topics for our usual book club.
3. You will begin with sharing your usual check-in sheet (what is the best, worst thing professionally, personally last month, next month)
4. How long you talk about your book of choice depends on how many attendees there are. Everyone needs her turn.
5. Your little talk must include audience engagement questions, such as "Does this resonate with you all?" "Is this relevant to you all? "Do any of you have experience with....?"

Out of thankfulness for Julia hosting the usual bookclub, we are shifting our usual June meeting into July.


Poster: triangletech