Triangle Modern Web + Devs@RTP - GraphQL schema directives, Magecart, & more!

Organizer: Devs@RTP
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This is a special Triangle Modern Web + Devs@RTP event!

We are also co-hosting with Angular RTP, Triangle Node, GDG Triangle, TriangleJS, Triangle ReactJS, Triangle Ruby, Triangle Elixir, & Code Craftsmanship Saturday!

Special thanks to Nutanix, Vaco, All Things Open, and This Dot Labs for sponsoring the event.

The event will be held from 6:00PM - 9:00PM on July 24, 2019 at Nutanix 701 W Main St Suite 700 ยท Durham, NC

We have some amazing talks planned for you!

Our lineup of speakers:

Matt Lavin - Software Architect at LifeOmic
Declarative behavior with GraphQL schema directives
Description: GraphQL schema directives allow you to declaratively share behavior between data resolvers on the server. If you want to share retry logic, or error handling, using directives is a good technique to explore. Directives also improve the self-documenting nature of schemas. You'll see how to create a directive and realize that it's easy enough to experiment with for yourself.

Kelly Schwarzhoff - Senior Software Engineer at Rapid7
Description: In the last five years, the Magecart group of cyber thieves
have successfully hacked and broken into over 40,000 e-commerce sites,
leading to widespread credit card theft. One of Magecart's primary
attack mechanisms is by injecting Javascript skimmers. This talk
will Magecart's common attack patterns, the large and growing
black market supply chain supporting Magecart, and some approaches
to detect and counter Magecart attacks.

Rob Ocel
Introducing the PAMstack - a new framework for building sustainable development teams
In this talk we'll discuss the ideas around how to create an sustainable architecture for your team through the PAMstack, a new framework for creating inclusive development teams. We'll talk about some of the abstractions and tools you can use to enable the longevity and success of your teams to support junior developers, designers, project managers, and more. No application is too critical, complicated, or obscure to be able to achieve this.

We will also talk through how you can build a corresponding culture that allows inclusivity on your team, and why this is so critical to your business. We'll walk through processes you can incorporate, team roles, and how you can build a better template for the future.

.. plus more to be announced!

*Nutanix requires any outsiders to sign a non-disclosure agreement before entering the venue

Parking Instructions:
The West Pettigrew Parking Deck
704 W. Pettigrew Street, Durham, NC 27701 -

You can bring the parking ticket from this parking lot to the office for validation - Please use the following walking instructions to the office: Walk North on South Gregson Street to Main Street. Make a right on Main Street and cross over Duke Street using the crosswalk at the traffic light. The Chesterfield main entrance is located on Main Street.

There is limited free parking behind the building (on the intersection of S Duke St and W Peabody St If you park here, make sure it is only behind OUR building.

There is also street parking available.

See you in a few weeks!


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