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Organizer: Triangle Testing and Automation User Group
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Cycle Demo

We look forward to introducing Tryon Solutions and our test automation solution Cycle to the TriTaug meetup community! Cycle is a complete behavior-driven test automation package based on business-readable steps that combines both regression testing and performance testing of web applications, web pages, native applications, and terminals into one streamlined solution. We very eagerly look forward to hearing your feedback on Cycle.

We'll translate a test case in example map form into a feature, and run through a live demonstration of Cycle executing it. Next, we will go through a more involved demo of an end-to-end test across technologies that includes native, web, and terminal applications all working with the same database.

Evan Edwards is the Vice President of Engineering for Tryon Solutions and oversees the development of Cycle and ensures that it grows in response to industry needs while remaining stable, streamlined, and easy-to-use.

James Prior has been working in software pre-sales and implementation since 2000, and currently handles technical demonstrations at Tryon Solutions.


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