Modern Web Online 7/10

Organizer: Modern Web (Triangle)
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We're so excited to announce our next Modern Web Online Event on July 10th, 2019 @ 2PM EST.

Haven't had a chance to join us for a Triangle Modern Web event, yet? Enjoy all the best from our meetups in the comfort of your own home or in the office with your coworkers!

Our featured speakers include...

Aaron Ma
Machine Learning in The Browser (Reinforcement Learning Edition)
Description - Self-driving cars are taking over human drivers one step at a time. Want to build a self-driving car? Well, in this 25-minute talk, you'll learn about Reinforcement Learning. You'll build an agent that is a self-driving car in a simulator. Up for the challenge? Then watch or join this session rain or shine!

Stefan Judis
HTTP headers for the responsible developer
To build inclusive websites, developers have to consider accessibility, performance and user flows. Crafted source code forms the foundation for thought-through UIs, but it's not only about the code. Let's have a look at HTTP, and to be specific, its headers that can have a direct impact on user experience.

Marien Scott
Adding visual testing with Applitools

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