TriBRAE -- Triangle Beginning Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Electronics

Organizer: Splat Space - Durham's Hackerspace
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Once a month, get together with other folks to work on projects using Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Launchpad, Beaglebone and other single-board computers and microcontroller starter boards. New topics are introduced most sessions but the workshops are open so you can work on projects introduced in previous sessions. No prior experience is required to attend, and don't worry, there are limited supplies and boards available to borrow. If you have your own parts, you are encouraged to bring them, as well as a laptop or small computer for programming.

More info can be found on the Splat*Space wiki at,_Arduino,_and_Friends (,_Arduino,_and_Friends)

You don't need to be a member of Splat*Space in order to attend, but please do ask about membership options while you're there. It's a great group of folks and if you're into Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or introductory electronics or embedded programming there's a good chance that you'll share interests with many of the other members and attendees.

HOW TO FIND SPLAT*SPACE!!! While our address is 800 N. Mangum, the entrance gate is on E. Corporation St. Once you enter the gate, proceed to the other side of the building to find the entrance to Splat*Space. And Welcome! A map and detailed satellite photo of the building can be found at


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