Monthly meetup: Profiling Node.js

Organizer: Triangle Node.js
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Hi Triangle Node! This month we'll have Patrick Mueller talk about profiling node.js apps. Patrick is one of the Triangle's most experienced node developers and paved the way for advanced mobile HTML5 apps with Weinre, one of the earliest remote web debuggers for mobile devices.

Title: Introduction to profiling Node.js applications
Speaker: Patrick Mueller
The V8 JavaScript engine used in Node.js contains two super-useful instrumentation facilities - CPU profiling and heap snapshots. CPU profiles show you where your program is spending it's time, on a per-function basis. Heap snapshots show you where your program is spending it's memory, on a per-class basis.

Using these tools can shine some light into the otherwise black box that is the Node.js runtime, when investigating slow code or high memory use.

Topics covered:

* define what CPU profiles and heap snapshots are
* demonstrate how to generate CPU profiles and heap snapshots
* share what insights are provided into your applications with profiling

About Patrick:
Patrick Mueller is a Principal Software Engineer at Elastic working on Kibana. He previously worked at NodeSource on diagnostic tools for Node. Prior to that, he worked at IBM on IDEs, and Smalltalk, Java and JavaScript runtimes and libraries, for both mobile devices, desktops and servers.

twitter: @pmuellr

Title: Node.js Container-Based Development
Speaker: John Petitte
Node Version Manager solves the issue of working with different node versions on the same machine, but there can still be unexpected compatibility issues across user machines and server environments. During a node project, have you ever dreamed of developing with a completely portable environment that you can share with anyone using any machine without risk of incompatibilities AND work in it with an IDE? We'll review how you can with the insider's edition of VS Code and the new extension "Remote Development".


Poster: triangletech