Main Meeting: Docker, .NET Core, and Azure DevOps; Oh My!!

Organizer: Triangle .NET User Group
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Building .NET Core applications automatically require effort, but the benefits to your organization and customers can be huge. Azure DevOps has a set of tools that make it easier to build .NET Core applications and eventually Dockerize them. In this demo-heavy talk, Sidney will show you how to use the new Azure DevOps tooling to automate builds and releases of .NET Core applications in your organization. The session will specifically focus on the new YAML build pipeline, building Release pipelines, integrating Azure Pipelines with GitHub repositories and creating GitHub releases automatically. Building on top of that, Sidney will then show you how to use Docker in every stage of your CI and CD processes. The session will feature demos on using a Docker container image for your build agents, building Docker images in Azure Pipelines and pushing new container images to Docker Hub automatically.

Speaker: Sydney Andrews
Sidney Andrews is an Azure MVP and a Microsoft Certified Training Regional Lead. Sidney has authored multiple courses available on for developers, IT professionals and database administrators. Sidney has also authored official courseware for multiple certification exams including[masked],[masked], AZ-200, AZ-201, and most recently AZ-203. Sidney has been featured as a presenter on Channel 9, Ignite and Build. His specialties include Azure, NoSQL, XAML, C# and TypeScript. Sidney is a native of Richmond, VA.

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Meeting Agenda:
5:30-6:00 - Welcome/Food
6:00-6:15 - Announcements
6:15-8:00 - Presentation


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