Lab - Use Docker Compose to integration test ASP .NET Core

Organizer: Triangle .NET User Group
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Bring your laptop, we will work through examples together.

I will show you a working example of using docker-compose to integration test ASP .NET Core. We will build the app together from scratch, with tests. The app won't do much, but, actually, that's how my company does it. We start with tests from the inception of the application and work up to the features it provides.

For kicks, we'll introduce you to Citus. Microsoft recently purchased them. They provide a horizontally scaled solution for Postgres. No paid license required.

How to not fall behind - Do this before the lab:
• Read up on ASP .NET Core
• Download .NET Core 2.2.3 SDK -
• Install Docker for Desktop
• Run this: docker pull
• Run this: docker pull
• Run this: docker pull citusdata/citus:8.2.1
• Run this: docker pull citusdata/membership-manager:0.2.0
• Join this free training site and do as many Docker tutorials as you can

By the end of the lab, you should have a rudimentary (but personal) understanding of how to use the features my company is using, and how to apply them to perform integration tests. NO sample code (by me) will be provided as copy/paste, you will be building most of the code yourself, so be prepared to type. If you plan to sit and watch, you probably will be bored.

Food: Metabolon will be sponsoring Bojangles dinner.

Speaker: John Goodwin
John Goodwin is a Principal Software Engineer at Metabolon. Metabolon tests and analyzes metabolites to create new insights into health and science.


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