Blockchain Security & Architecture Meetup Series

Organizer: Durham Blockchain Security & Architecture Meetup
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First in the series of Blockchain security and architecture meetup groups to enhance learning and sharing.
Ricardo Diaz will kick this event with a Blockchain Session 1 with subsequent events focusing on more advanced topics

1. 0-60 In Crypto Part 1: What is DLT, Bitcoin, Protocols, Private vs Public Chains, Centralized, Decentralized, Distributed, Web 2 vs Web 3

2. 0-60 In Crypto Part 2: Crypto Economics, Dapps, coding languages, Wallets, ICOs & Decentralization

3. A-Z Crypto Terms and Definitions: Tokens, Fungible and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Algorithms/Mechanisms, Addresses, Wallets, Atomic Swaps, Miners, ASIC, etc

4. Business First, Blockchain Second: Use Cases, Projects, Pros n Cons, Private vs Public chains, Choosing your battles & How to be the Crypto Champion of your Enterprise

5. Token Economics: What are Tokens, Security Tokens, Utility Tokens, Privacy Coins, Stable Coins + Exchanges Centralized vs Decentralized Blockchain

6. Scaling: Ethereum 2.0 (Constantinople & Ethereum Roadmap), Lightening Network, State Channels, Plasma, Sharding, Casper FFG & Mimblewimble

7. Understanding Crypto Math: Consensus Mechanisms, Cryptography, Zero Knowledge Proofs

8. Crypto Legal: Legislation, Current State and Future State

9. Crypto Architecture: Tools, Coding, Hyperledger vs Ethereum, Smart Contracts, Security, Wallets, Hybrid Architectures, Multi Token models, Decentralized Identity

10. Blockchain Use Cases : Energy, Supply Chain, IoT, Social Impact, Governement, Auditing n Regulatory, Real Estate, Insurance, Voting, Open Data Marketplaces, Legal,

11. Crypto Security: History, Hacks and Mitigating Risks, Auditing Smart Contracts, Best practices, Best services

12. Decentralized Identity: The future of privacy & trust. Gartnerʼs “Identity Trust Fabric”, IAM Web 2 vs IAM Web 3. Standards and Protocols, DIF, Decentralized Identity DLT project overview: Hyperledger Indy & Sovrin, UPort, Everest, Veres

13. Crypto for Investors: Why do some crypto projects suck? Best vs Worst DLT projects, 4 Point Investors Checklist, Red Flags, ICOs, Hacks and What to watch out for.


Poster: triangletech