Vue Vixens & Vue Raleigh Workshops!!

Organizer: VueVixens
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Join Vue Vixens and Vue Raleigh for some awesome Vue Workshops!!

The Vue Vixens workshop (morning session) is for foxy people who identify as women

The Vue Raleigh workshop is open to everyone


10:00am Vue Vixens Workshop (mini skulk - for people who identify as women)

Vue Vixens’ mission is to create workshops to teach Vue.js in a cool and fun way to ‘foxy people who identify as women’.
Come learn the basics of Vue.js and learn how to quickly build an application. In this workshop, you will learn how to set up your Vue app with Vue CLI 3, components basics, perform simple REST API calls using Axios.

12:00pm Lunch time! (Everyone welcome!)

Everyone can join us for lunch (even if you are only attending afternoon workshop)
We will provide food!

1:00pm Vue Raleigh Workshop (Everyone welcome!)

Vue Raleigh will provide a Vue.js workshop. Come learn how to use an event bus to handle application notifications in a standardized way and how to add automated accessibility testing to your Vue project.


Poster: triangletech