TriPython June 2019 Meeting: Attracting the Invisible Contributors

Organizer: Triangle Python Users Group (formerly TriZPUG)
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Attracting the Invisible Contributors: How Open Source Projects Can Be More Welcoming to New Coders

Many new coders seek out open source projects, intending to contribute, and then get overwhelmed and leave. Project maintainers often want the help, but don’t realize how they are inadvertently appearing unwelcoming. Charlotte Mays ( will discuss some of the most common complaints she's heard from new coders who tried to contribute but left in frustration, and ways that these can be addressed without putting too much burden on the maintainers.

Our speaker, Charlotte Mays, is passionate about open source and making tech accessible to all who take an interest. Charlotte contributes to open source projects such as BeeWare ( and helps organize her local chapter of PyLadies ( When not busy with those contributions or her day job at Red Hat (, she can often be found working on fiber crafts.

Park in the municipal deck on the other side of the Arts Council across W. Morgan St. The after-meeting will be around the corner at Bull McCabe's Irish Pub. Come join us for a fun and informative evening.


Poster: triangletech