Fun with Web Design Hacks

Organizer: The Raleigh-Durham Web Design Group
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Do you have some favorite ways to solve a web design problem? Are they quick and easy to implement? Are you still wondering that it actually works? These are the hacks we want to talk about in this session. The moderators will show a collection of their own, but we hope you can bring a couple of your own.

- Kelly Chapman
- E.Dieter Martin

Format of Meeting, and Time

We make a few minutes available as a meet-eat-and-greet time prior to any presentations or shop talk. We start formally at 7pm, but arriving at 6:45pm will give you time to get settled in and enjoy some pizza and soda courtesy of our host, Tek Systems.

We typically do a round-robin greeting just before the action starts at 7pm. We will end the greeting period with announcements, and then give the floor to the presenter or moderator.

Be sure to arrive early so you are not locked out of the doors on the first floor. They lock at 7pm.

Consider the benefits of moderating, presenting lecture style, or giving a tutorial:

Enhanced Credibility

Visibility For Your Business

Increased Good Will

Speakers, THANK YOU for your participation.

We Thank Our Sponsors and Organizers
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Recent meetings have been held at TekSystems' offices at the corner of Edwards Mills and Trinity Road. Outside doors of the building lock at 7pm - we will try to have a posted paper with a cell number to call or text or have a person at the door - but arriving promptly will help avoid a wait and avoid someone having to leave the meeting to come downstairs to let you in..

We vacate the Tek Systems building by 9pm at the latest so staff can go home!

Check the menu on our Web site for Past Meetups and or shared files you may have missed.


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