Agile Coaches Breakfast, Fri, June 7

Organizer: Agile Leadership Network - Raleigh/Durham Area Chapter
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Hello Everyone!

Happy Friday! Ok, not Friday today but it is time once again for the Agile Coaches Breakfast. Calling all Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters and all Agilists! Come and meet together for breakfast, to talk, and to share your experiences and ideas. Our goal is to help teams, organizations and ourselves to think, grow, and change.

This month, let's talk conflict. More specifically, I'm reading a book which is about conflict management (not conflict resolution) so I'd like to share what I've read to get the group's reactions. I figure with the collective's thoughts, ideas, and experiences, we might even be able to even come up with a "recipe" or a step by step guidebook for managing conflict both within small and large teams.

And maybe if we work hard and get lucky, we could even come up with a few action steps we could use at home...not that conflict ever happens there , it's just...

As always, we appreciate your thoughtful use of the word "Yes", especially when it involves your RSVP.


The ALN Leadership Team,
Art Pittman


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