Cary Parking App - User Testing of our MVP (iOS, Android, Web)

Organizer: Triangle Code for America
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Code for Cary Parking App
Hello! We need your assistance to continue testing our MVPs Web page and App for Downtown Parking. Load one or all and give us feedback on UX!

Want to learn? - Join us! We're a friendly bunch!

Programming environment: iOS/Android mobile apps (Titanium SDK + JS) and web page (ReactJS + Leaflet).

This Meetup:
We've gotten our App stores up and running, so let's take a look at the mobile app on our phones! Then, we'll dive into enhancements of the mobile app and web app!

Location of the App
Google Play Store: Search for "Cary Connects"
Apple Store: TBD (This takes soooo long...)

Leave us your feedback in the app if you are unable to make the meeting!


Poster: triangletech