Fast Kubernetes Minikube Deployment & vSphere Integrated Containters

Organizer: Raleigh VMware User Meetup
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Kedar Kulkarni & Chris Roberts will lead 2 Demos using an OpenSource Fog VMware VM as the deployment platform.

Demo #1) Everyone is talking about kubernetes. A quick way to get started with Kubernetes is to use Minikube, which is a small kubernetes deployment on your local computer or in a VM on VMware. Kedar will use Ansible playbook to spawn a VMware VM and deploy Minikube.

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Demo #2) Getting Started with vSphere Integrated Containers. Chris will demo vSphere Integrated Containers, showing the UI, how it integrates with vCenter, what the requirements are and the pitfalls a user can hit.

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Food & beverages will be provided by Sirius.


Poster: triangletech