Failing forward and Leading with Humility: No Heros Allowed

Organizer: Agile RTP (ARTp)
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As a brand new Scrum Master, just seven months in to this new career, I have failed a lot. My failures, have led to even greater successes. My mistakes, occasional mishaps and not always knowing the right answer (that I do not hide from my team), have been the catalyst for creating the tight knit team culture we have now. This presentation will focus on how to take your mistakes and use them to lead your team toward psychological safety, remove the “hero mentality” and establish a happy vibe within your team.

Laura E. Di Puma, M.M, CSM, CSPO
Laura Di Puma was formally a Music Educator in our public schools for 13 years. After employing Scrum practices within her music program and seeing results, she transitioned into a career as a Scrum Master with BB&T. Laura is an agile enthusiast and evangelist and is currently part of the agile transformation at her current company. Laura is a dynamic and enthusiastic presenter and loves sharing her new found passion. In her free time, Laura enjoys learning to code in Python, biking/running, spending time with her new puppy Henry, and learning to play the bagpipes!


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