Open Source Cloud Tools | Microservices | First-Time Speaker Series

Organizer: All Things Open RTP Meetup
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The May meetup will feature two trending and important topics, in addition to the first speaker in our brand-new First-Time Speaker Series.

Topic #1
Open Source in the Clouds (Open Source Cloud Tools)
*this was originally scheduled for March but has been rescheduled

Speaker: Mark Voelker, VMware

In this talk we'll talk a look at some of the open source technologies used in cloud computing. We'll start with a brief overview of OpenStack, the leading open source cloud computing platform. We'll also take a look the open source SDK's, orchestrators, and other tools that are commonly used to interact with all sorts of clouds (OpenStack-powered or not), such as Ansible, Terraform, and gophercloud. Finally, we'll look at the emerging container landscape and Kubernetes.

Topic #2
Six Legs and Twelve Factors: The Microservices Architecture of the Madagsacar Hissing Cockroach

Speaker: Doug Tidwell, Red Hat

Although many animals opted to build central nervous systems roughly 150 million years ago, cockroaches and other arthropods pursued a more modular approach. In this session, you'll see how the decentralized architecture of the Madagascar hissing cockroach allows it to thrive without the overhead of a monolithic approach. (Burn your mammalian hand on a hot stove? The nerve endings in your fingers have to round-trip a signal to your brain before you pull your hand back.) Best of all, the session features a virtual cockroach implemented as a collection of microservices running in a Kubernetes cluster and visualized via D3. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll think twice about stomping the next cockroach you see. Recommended for developers, exterminators, and architects.

Topic #3
TBD. Will be the first speaker in a new series we'll feature at each meetup called "First-Time Speaker". This will be an individual delivering a 5-8 minute burst talk on a technology topic, for the first time ever. We feel it is vital for new speakers to deliver talks and gain valuable experience, in front of a supportive and welcoming audience.

Food and beverages will be served, along with great swag.

Doors open at 6:00, programming begins at 6:30 pm sharp.


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