Show-And-Tell: Data Sets to Study STEM Women Pay

Organizer: Data + Women + Triangle
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In February, we reviewed Shoujia's project on STEM women pay. Please avail yourself to the Git project here: ( Now that we are acquainted with the original project, our next action is to find additional data sets that illuminate STEM women pay. Please do a search and be prepared to share with the group what data sets you found.

• What to bring
We will start off with our usual go-around-the room tradition of "what is the best/worst thing that happened/will happen to me in my private/personal life during the last/next month?" That's 8 things, and maybe give them some thought prior to our meeting. P.S. It's always nice to get a visit from the refreshment fairy.

• Important to know
As for any Data + Women + Triangle meeting, attendees have the option of getting listed on the monthly QUICK LIST under any of the following headers:
• looking for an opportunity
• have an opportunity
• congratulations on that new job
• points for meeting up on your own
• really looking for a partner for a presentation someday
• earnest pleas from members to other members


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