Builders and Breakers: A Game For Creating a Better-Quality Application

Organizer: Triangle Testing and Automation User Group
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How do you trick engineers into exposing bugs in their own work for the good of the product? You make doing so competition! Our team at Pendo ran a competitive game as a way to discover new bugs and make our application better.

Come to this talk if you're looking to increase the quality of some of the more complex areas of your application. I'll give you real-world details about the rules we set for our quality game as well as our results.

Lisa Scheibner is a Front End Engineer at Pendo, where she was the first woman in engineering and currently works on building out an awesome guide experience for customers in Vue.js. She considers herself to be a quality-focused engineer, filing more tickets than anyone on her team besides QA and product and closing out a ton of bugs and defects.


Poster: triangletech